It is our goal to professional and diversified services since Yang Jenq machinery set up in 1972. With the advanced long-term support of the food industry and the efforts of all colleagues in Yang Jenq, it has become the largest professional food machinery manufacturer in worldwide.

We use the "food industry all-round partner" as the overall management indicator, and we have established 46 years of continuous innovation, research and development of equipment that meets customer needs, and in response to foreign development trends, to meet customer needs, to provide customer product planning and other professional services to help customers expand business opportunities and create a "win-win" relationship.

We adhere to the spirit of innovative service, constantly research and develop and create our own brand, do not imitate other people's products, from zero to the present, won the Taiwan Central Bureau of Standards and Germany, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, etc. There are nearly a hundred patents in the country.

Since its expansion into the Chinese market in 2002, Yang Jenq (Wuxi) branch has been committed to product development and innovation, and has introduced the French milky bread, toast automation line, silk roll bread, all kinds of shortbread and multiple compound production lines to lead the Chinese market. In the traditional food industry, we are constantly researching and manufacturing new types of stuffing products and compound whole plant planning dough forming lines, enriching product diversification and equipment versatility. At the same time, combined with foreign advanced technology to develop various product molding and conveying systems, the automation has been greatly reduced and the labor cost has been reduced. It is worth mentioning that in the national refrigeration industry, the annual growth rate has increased by 30% in recent years. Yang Jenq has been accelerating the supply of domestic mid-point food and market demand in Baotou Shantou equipment brand and technology leadership. In the past few years, Yang Jenq has made a slight effort in the food industry and led the market. I believe it will mark a new milestone for China's food industry.

Elite team


Meet the changes, be brave in innovation, develop new food equipment, improve existing products, provide whole plant output and custom planning



Adopting imported precision processing equipment to manufacture standardized equipment parts and components, strict quality control, ensuring equipment safety and precision



Unite for the same goal and standards and strive to provide customers with tailor-made equipment to meet all customer needs



With the tenet of "customer first", we regularly return to the use of customer equipment, so that customers can buy with confidence, use peace of mind, and do peace of mind


Food industry all-round partner

YangJenq Company was established in 1972 to provide professional and diversified whole plant planning services. With the excellent design, R&D, manufacturing, service team and advanced support of the food industry, it has become the most index food machinery manufacturer.
"Customer first" is our purpose, and we will return to the customer's use situation regularly, so customers can buy with confidence, use peace of mind, and do peace of mind


Overview 46 years


Marketing Over 30 countries


200+ Patent


Market Share 100%