Automated Flaky Pastry Production Line

Osmanthus-flowers Pastry
Freash-flower Pastry
Flake Pastry-01
Flake Pastry-02
Flake Pastry-03
Flake Pastry-04
Crispy Butter Pastry
Yun-Tuei Pastry
Sweetheart Pastry

The YJ-1910 can handle all types of dough and is our most versatile model of dough forming machines. The design is efficient and only requires two operators. Suitable for large scale Chinese pastry production factories or central kitchens it can be customized for all kinds of pastry production and always delivers the reliability, and consistency that come with Yangjenq’s products.




  • The “Tank series” is equipped with the unique Gradual Sheeting Device. This is one of Yangjenq’s latest inventions. With the “Tank Series” each roller station and conveyor belt speed are independently controlled through our user friendly control panel.
  • Adjustable Rollers on each side help contain the dough as it is fed into the machine, the roller positions can be adjusted during operation for more accurate control of sheet width.
  • The filling is extruded horizontally allowing for a steady and reliable continuous flow and damage free filling is carefully deposited on the sheet preserving the traditional and authentic taste.
  • Our knife systems are made of specific industrial food grade resin from Japan suitable to the most stringent hygiene requirements .4 hand knob bolts secure the mechanism allowing easy change and cleaning.
  • Our PLC system has a built in memory and can store up to 99 panning patterns as well as set the arrangement (parallel or cross), reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.



Capacity: 1,000~7,200 Pcs/per hour (Lifting up capacity 3600 pcs/per hour)

Production Line Combination Introduction

YJ-1910 Dough Forming Machine (Tank)

YJ-SE52 Filling Depositor

YJ-SW49 Twist Dividing Machine

YJ-860 Auto-Arrangement Machine

YJ-860 Auto-Arrangement Machine

Auto Arrangement

YJ-SW49  Twist Dividing Machine

Twisting & Forming

YJ-SE52 Filling Depositor

Wrap Filling inside

YJ-1910 Dough Forming Machine (Tank)

Embellish Edge

YJ-1910Dough Forming Machine (Tank)

Sheeting Second time

YJ-1910 Dough Forming Machine (Tank)


YJ-1910 Dough Forming Machine (Tank)

Prepare Kneading