YJ-1000 Multi-Function Encrusting Machine

The YJ-1000T model features 2 horizontal extruders best suited for high viscosity and oil based fillings. Content and gram weight could be adjusted to meet different demand and to make different dimension of product. For more information contact us, and we help you find the model that best suits your product.


Horizontal Extruder

Our horizontal extruders are best suited for high viscosity and oil based fillings such as: fruit paste & bean paste.


Vertical Extruder

Our heavy duty industrial hopper is best suited for non-sticky materials such as dough, cookie batter or powder based fillings, as well as loses fillings like nuts fruits seeds etc…


Front Hopper

Vertical extruder ensures damage free filling and preserves the traditional flavor. This 3rd hopper is used for a secondary inner filling allowing you to make complex multi component products.



Settings such as dough and filling ratio can be adjusted to match custom product requirements. Individual extruder speed gives you full control over your product’s shape weight and consistency.


Easy Dismantling

Sturdy oversized handles and knobs allow for quick dismantling and cleaning of parts.


Fully Adjustable

Shatter can be matched with the lifting board to automatically adjust and maximize the product shape. Our design allows for automatic peaking and you can easily adjust height, positioning and tension in order to meet the custom requirements of different productions.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension(T) Dimension(S) Unit
Length 1460 1460 mm
Width 888 888 mm
Height 1853 1560 mm
Power 4.5 3.8 kw
Weight 480 460 kg
Capacity 10~60 10~60 min-1