YJ-103 Dough Transfer Table

Made of SUS304 stainless steel, this transfer table is an ideal addition to our YJ-241/240 Automatic Dough Kneading/Sheeting Machine. It automatically transfers the sheeted dough to the next station of your production line while maintaining its consistency. An optical sensor with automatic start/stop function prevents collisions and ensures a smooth delivery.
The conveyor belt has a special coating, which reduces the risk of dough sticking to the belt and prevents deformation.


Dedicated Control Box

The user-friendly design of the controller allows the operator to start and stop the Transfer Table at any time with ease. If there is any issue with the feeding, an emergency lamp indicates that the machine needs the operator’s attention. The sturdy metal box protects internal electrical parts from dust and dirt, therefore prolonging the longevity of your machine.


Optical Sensor

An optical sensor at the rear provides automatic stop/start of the conveyor belt to prevent collisions and ensure a safe transfer of the dough sheets to the next station.


Item Dimension Unit
Length 1450 mm
Width 840 mm
Height 840 mm
Power 0.4 kw
Weight 94 kg