YJ-1510MD Dough Forming Machine

All kinds of dough, including high water absorbing dough and fermented dough can be produced using this production line. It is ideal for the production of pineapple buns and similar products. The speed, thickness and other settings can all be adjusted. Different conveyor lengths and custom solutions are available to support additional stations, such as an auto cutting machine installed directly on the main unit, as seen in the picture. This allows for flexible production of pineapple buns in various shapes and sizes.


3 Steps:

1. Dough Band Forming: Steady conveyor belt feed ensures an exact weight distribution.
2. Rolling/Kneading: The use of a multi-roller assembly (satellite head) where the dough is successively subjected to pressure for a period of time. It is then allowed to rest resulting in relatively stress-free dough.
3. Rolling/Kneading: The use of a multi-roller assembly (satellite head) where the dough is successively subjected to pressure for a period of time. It is then allowed to rest resulting in relatively stress-free dough.


Control Panel

With our user friendly control panel, the operator can easily adjust all parameters, such as the conveyor, dough forming speed, filling 1 and 2, kneading, pressing, dusting, cutting and more… The menu guided system is language independent & the large symbols are self-explanatory. Several safety measurements, like an emergency button and a key switch ensure safe operations at all times.


12 Roller Specialized  Rolling

Large satellite heads with one lower roller treats the dough band very gently. In this way the dough sheet stays free of tension, and the dough maintains its integrity.


Conveyor belt delivering table

Suitable for bread, pastry and other doughs with high moisture content, which can ensure the stability of noodles entering.


Steady feeding ensured

Vertical Rollers on each side help contain the dough as it is fed into the machine. This ensures an accurate sheet width and a steady feeding throughout the first step of the production process.


Side Winder (1)

The Side Winder is a modular design and can be attached to the conveyor tables of all production lines. Various shaping tools can be attached on the make-up table, automatically forming product into a required shape.


Thickness Adjuster (Satellite Rollers)

Conveniently adjust the roller distance and thickness of sheeting from 1cm to 2cm.


Flour Duster Positioning

Low dusting position prevents flour scattering and keeps plant environment clean.


Auto Powder Sprinkling Device

The flour can be sprinkled on dough sheet automatically, and amount of powder sprinkled can be controlled through the speed control knob. The powder tank volume is 2L, the axis is designed for quick release and easy to clean and assemble. It has a transparent window to observe the remaining flour amount.


Sheet Width Guide

The operator can conveniently feed the dough sheet with its desired width while at the same time correcting any eventual line tension in the dough sheet. Adjustable range:  13-20 cm.


Optical Sensors

The optical sensors provide automatic stop/start of dough path to prevent collisions between the different dough stations.


Castor & Leveling Mounts

Castors allow easy positioning of equipment in your workshop. Heavy duty leveling mount ensures proper machine level after installation.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension Unit
Length 4425 mm
Width 686 mm
Height 1676 mm
Power 4.1 kw
Weight 720 kg
Roller Width 220 mm