YJ-241/240 Auto Dough Kneading/Sheeting Machine

This is the first step of the Steam Bun Production Line after the dough has been mixed. The Yang Jenq YJ-241 Automatic Dough Kneading/Sheeting Machine uses a standard S-type continuous kneading mechanism, which ensures the gluten in the flour is well developed, resulting in a smooth surface and flexible consistency.



Adjust kneading time and amount, number of cycles, flour dusting rate.


S-Shape Folding

This machine layers dough in S- overlap multiple times to improve the elasticity and luster of the dough.


Metal Plated Roller

The metal plated roller presses the dough evenly and consistently. This produces uniform thickness across the entire sheet as there is less flexural bend compared to plastic rollers.


Adjust Thickness of Dough

Depending on the final product you can adjust the position of the rollers and control overall elasticity and thickness of the dough.


Flour Dusting Control Rate

Fully adjustable dusting rate insures dough does not stick to surfaces during handling, Inverter precisely controls dusting speed for even a smallest amount, dusting flour uniformly.


Auto Flour Duster

This industrial flour duster, dusts evenly on dough or conveyor surface. The Hopper Capacity is about 2 Liters. Top lid easily removed and small window let’s you see the amount of flour left in the hopper.


Optical Sensor

The optical sensors provide automatic stop/start of dough path to prevent collisions between the different dough stations.


Adjustable Tray

The adjustable tray allows for a connection to a conveyor system of the next station or as a workspace for dough sheets coming out of the machine.


S/S Catch Tray

The easy to remove tray catches the residue or any droppings from the dough entry/exit path.


Safety Cover

Lock your equipment in place for safe production and minimal movement.


Safety Switch

The top opening is protected by a safety grill and an additional safety switch automatically cut’s off power and roller movement when the grill is opened. This prevents injuries and ensures the safety of the operator at all times.


Inline Machine Connection Port

This port connects the machine to the complete line and various settings can be controlled from the main line control panel.


Lockable Castors

Lock your equipment in place for safe production and minimal movement.




Item Dimension Unit
Length(L) 1340 mm
Length(L1) 1600 mm
Width 1150 mm
Height 1380 mm
Power 3 kw
Weight 600 kg