YJ-320 Spiral Dough Mixer

The YJ-320 is a heavy-duty spiral dough mixer perfect for the demanding requirements of large-scale dough preparation. Our machine uses two motors operating at synchronized speeds, one powering the mixer and the other spinning the bowl in the reverse direction.


High Quality Roller Guides

With sturdy roller guides on each side of the mixing bowl, stable and precise mixing is guaranteed.


Bowl standalone

Large Capacity Mixing Bowl 50KGS


Aluminum Safety Guard

This dough mixing machine has a sturdy aluminum safety guard in place increasing operator safety and maintaining an accident-free working environment.


Safety Switch

An additional safety switch prevents the machine from mixing unless the safety guard is fully closed.


Spiral Hook Design

The unique design of the spiral dough hook ensures consistent mixing, proper elasticity, and a uniform texture.


Fully Programmable Control

This machine has an easy to operate control panel where you can set the mixing timers, one for slow-speed mixing and the other for high-speed mixing. It is also possible to program the direction of mixing and store up to four different job settings.


Bi-Directional Bowl Turning

The mixing bowl can be programmed to rotate both in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction offering precise and high speed mixing operations.


High Torque Motor

Our 5.25kW high torque motor efficiently handles heavy dough mixing requirements of large production lines. The high-quality housing and bearings ensure low maintenance and a long machine service life.


Castors and Leveling Mounts

This machine features heavy-duty casters for easy positioning of the machine. Also leveling mounts are for height adjustment, ensuring the machine is level at all times.


Item Dimension Unit
Length 1200 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 1300 mm
Power 5.25 kw
Weight 425 kg
Volume 50 kg