YJ-470AL Powerful Vertical Mixer

The YJ-470AL is one of our latest vertical dough mixing machines. With a powerful 3 speed 3.29kW motor, this food processing mixer can consistently mix large amounts of dough in a very short time. The dough is then ready for the next step (Kneading or Sheeting).


Auto-Lift Mechanism

Our new automatic mechanism will lift and lock the bowl in the correct position ready for mixing or kneading of the dough. This is very convenient as it greatly increases productivity and reduces the need for constant operator intervention.


Manual Bowl Lifting

A manual crank can also be used to manually lift the bowl into place before mixing. This crank can also fine tune the height of the bowl for optimal mixing operations.


Large Capacity Mixing Bowl

The large single piece mixing bowl has a capacity of 40kgs and is made from high quality stainless steel.


Removable Bowl Trolley

For added convenience and increased productivity a removable bowl trolley is used for easy loading and unloading.


Rigid Cast Iron Structure

The very solid cast iron structure ensures high quality kneading and mixing, time and time again. The weight of the mixer comes in at 550kg which allows for good stability when mixing large amounts of dough.


Ball Screw Lifting Device

The YJ-470AL powerful vertical mixer has a very rugged design with a heavy-duty ball screw and oversized guideways. This ensures a long service life even under very heavy workloads.


3 Speed Mixer Control

The 3 speed mixing control offers greater flexibility for your dough mixing requirements.


Control Panel

The control panel has a simple and easy to use interface which is used to lower and raise the bowl and to stop and start the mixing process.


Detachable Mixing Hook

The dough hook is made from high-quality steel casting and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension Unit
Length 992 mm
Width 980 mm
Height 1685 mm
Power 3.3 kw
Weight 550 kg
Volume 40 kg