YJ-850 Auto-Stamping Machine

The special bilateral rounding device ensures the evenness of stamping, and two conveyor belts turning at different speeds allows for a 30% increase in forming efficiency and speed. A retractable mold or a fixed mold can both be used and our molds all use non-stick plastic material, which is very strong and durable. The precise positioning of mold ejection during blowing ensures the product does not tilt or move, allowing the end product to appear perfect after forming.


Bilateral Rounding Device

Products from previous station are fed through this double conveyor belt system and rounded to exact desired shape. The use of 2 conveyor belts turning at different speeds allows for a 30% increase in forming efficiency and speed.


Control Width

With accurate width control products can be formed to suit your custom requirements.


Stamping Pressure

In addition to the downward stamping movement, compressed air within the mold is accurately controlled allowing for precise molding patterns and shapes.


Pressure Settings

Compressed Air pressure can be adjusted from this panel. 2 pressure indicators allow close monitoring of overall pressure status and stamping mold pressure.


Smart Sensor

Our sensor recognizes the product and signals the machine to adjust stamping mold descent rate and speed. This means regardless of product position, accurate stamping and shaping can be created.


Flexible Height Adjustment

Conveyor height can easily be adjusted to match your specific environment or custom production line.


Changing Mold

Unlike other manufacturer’s machines, YJ-850 Stamping Machine design allows for quick and effortless replacing of molds. This is a small detail, but combined with other smart design features, our machines will save you valuable production time.


Ergonomic Design

The spacious drawer at the base of machine can hold a variety of items and molds for custom designs.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension Unit
Length 1635 mm
Width 480 mm
Height 1262 mm
Power 0.5 kw
Weight 150 kg