YJ-SC520 Dough Rolling Press

This Dough Rolling Press comes standard with a servomotor and can perform a wide range of rolling and forming operations. It is suitable for all kinds of dough, including high water absorbing dough and fermented dough, and is typically used for the production of mini pizzas, flaky pastry, and other food that requires thin and round dough sheets. It features a unique forming mechanism that ensures high accuracy and repeatability. Additionally, it comes with a touch screen control panel and an optical sensor, which makes this dough rolling press a great addition to your production line, that will definitely increase your productivity.


Dough Pre-Roller

In the first step, a pre-roller gently reduces the dough thickness, while avoiding excess compression of the dough. This preserves its structural stability and gas retention capability.


Light time of the stick of the form of the drill

What follows is the final dough forming stage, where it is treated to the exact requested thickness and size. Four rotating cone-shaped rollers, powered by a servomotor, ensure high precision, accuracy, and speed. The operator can always check the state of the rollers through little windows on the steel case that also protects the forming mechanism. (Removed in this picture for better view).


Optical Sensor & Pneumatic Hole Punch

An optical sensor provides automatic stop/start of conveyor belt to prevent collisions between the dough sheets. If required, an automatic air punch can prick many holes into the dough which allows the baking to escape during the baking process.


Curtain of the firefly of the PLC control system & touch control

The built-in PLC system allows for total control over the thickness and roundness of the dough, as well as the conveyor belt speed. It also let’s you store up to 10 dough sheet patterns, which significantly reduces manual labor and increases productivity. Equipped with a sensor alarm and user-friendly touch screen control panel, this machine is both economical and user-friendly.

Light time of the stick of the form of the drill

Dough Scraper Device

This device can remove the dough chips from conveyor belt and keep clean always.


Pressure Gauge

The operator can always check the pressure settings of the air punch thanks to a pressure gauge on the side of the machine.


Cleaning Tank

Add a cleaning tank below the pressure roller to prevent the product from falling and keep the environment clean.


Castor & Leveling Mounts

Castors allow easy positioning of equipment in your workshop. Heavy duty leveling mount ensures proper machine level after installation.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension Unit
Length 2181 mm
Width 652 mm
Height 1355 mm
Power 1.5 kw
Weight 320 kg