YJ-SE54 Filling Depositor

The YJ-SE 54 tank capacity is 16 liters and made of SUS304 stainless steel and incorporates a horizontal design, which ensures damage-free depositing while preserving the traditional and authentic taste. Furthermore, this machine is easy to dismantle and clean, and can also use different nozzles according to the type of filling in order to accommodate different product needs.


Twin-Screw Hopper Design

Two pairs of feed screws rotate side-by-side in this filling depositor resulting in improved throughput and handling. This design reduces material build-up inside the hoppers and preserves the integrity of the filling throughout the process. With a 10L hopper capacity, this machine is capable of large volume deposits.


Flow regulator with blade design

The YJ-SE54 is ideal for high fat, sticky types of fillings, as the amount of pressure can be increased, if necessary. The flow regulator with its unique blade design allows for a steady and continuous flow which keeps the amount and weight of the filling at an optimal level.


Item Dimension Unit
Length 730 mm
Width 500 mm
Height 1450 mm
Power 1 kw
Weight 110 kg