YJ-SWP10 Cyclone Type Flour Duster

The-SWP10 Flour Duster reliably applies flour not only to the top of bread or buns but also evenly spreads it on the sides. Our high quality product incorporates a “Cyclone Type” brush design on the inside that literally creates a flour cyclone around the buns. It comes with a user-friendly control panel, as well as a flour recycling system.


User-friendly Control panel

Our YJ-SWP10 Flour Duster is equipped with a user-friendly control panel. The operator can easily adjust all relevant parameters, such as dusting intensity and conveyor speed. The control wheel allows for an accurate setup to achieve optimal dusting results.


The Hopper Capacity of this flour duster is approximately 2 Liters. The top lid, that keeps the flour clean, is easily removed when refilling.


Cyclone Type Design

A unique brush arrangement inside the flour duster allows for highly efficient and even flour distribution on all sides of the buns.


Recycle & re-use your flour

Unused flour is collected automatically in a catch tray at the bottom of the machine. The flour can then be re-used, thereby reducing production costs.


Lockable Castors

Lock your equipment in place for safe production and minimal movement.

Dimension Layout



Item Dimension Unit
Length 848 mm
Width 693 mm
Height 1277 mm
Power 0.5 kw
Weight 150 kg