Yang Jenq’s Pineapple Bun Production incorporates a modular design with a total of seven machines. This allows for efficient and flexible production of this traditional Asian snack, while maintaining an authentic taste. Yang Jenq has over 40 years of experience in food processing, as well as in machinery research and development. Consequently, we are able to deliver fully automatic production lines that preserve the traditional method of making Pineapple Buns. The design is efficient and only requires 2-3 operators. The setup can be customized for similar types of buns or rolls, and always delivers the reliability, and consistency that our customers expect from Yangjenq’s products.


Automated Pineapple Bun Production Line


  • Large satellite heads with one lower roller treats the dough band particularly gently. In this way the dough sheet stays free of tension and the dough maintains its integrity.
  • With a capacity of 10-15 kg per hopper this machine is capable of large volume deposits of meat, bean, jam, grain filling and more. The two hoppers allow for automatic mixing of different flavors and ingredients. This industrial size filling depositor can be connected to the main production line system, meaning the deposit speed and rate can be accurately adjusted through the main control panel, allowing for fully automatic production.
  • Our knife systems are made of specific industrial food grade resin from Japan suitable to the most stringent hygiene requirements .4 hand knob bolts secure the mechanism allowing easy change and cleaning.
  • A unique brush arrangement inside the flour duster allows for highly efficient and even flour distribution  on all sides of the buns.
  • Products from previous station are fed through this double conveyor belt system and rounded to exact desired shape. The use of 2 conveyor belts turning at different speeds allows for a 30% increase in forming efficiency and speed.
  • Our PLC system has a built in memory and can store up to 99 panning patterns as well as set the arrangement (parallel or cross), reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.
  •  Capacity: 1,000~7,200 Pcs/per hour (Lifting up capacity 3600 pcs/per hour) 
Automated Pineapple Bun Production Line
Automated Pineapple Bun Production Line
Automated Pineapple Bun Production Line